Menu for Giacomo's Southend Restaurant


fried calamari (with marinara sauce ) small 8,large 11
prince edward island mussels(choice of sauce ) 10
homemade Maine crab cakes (roasted corn tartar sauce ) 11
sauteed broccoli raab (hot peppers, garlic,oil,white wine ) 8
broccoli (sauteed in garlic,oil,white wine ) 7
mozzarella marinara 6
garlic bread 4


house salad (young salad greens,balsamic vinaigrette ) 5
caesar salad (traditional stile,garlic croutons ) small 6,large 10
baby spinach salad (spicy walnuts,grape tomatoes,
caramelized red onions,goat cheese,walnut vinaigrette) 9
caprese (tomato,fresh mozzarella,basil ) 9
antipasto (cured italian meat,imported italian
cheese,roasted red peppers,grilled calamari) small 10,large 14

House Seafood Specialties
served over linguini with your choice of sauce : pesto,fra diavolo,red,scampi or Giacomo's (lobster based red with a touch of bechamel )
mussels or calamari 15
mussels & calamari 16
clams 16
mussels & clams 17
scallops 16
shrimp 16
shrimp & scallops 17
frutti di mare (mussels,calamari,clams,scallops and shrimp) 20
mussels,clams & half lobster 20
zuppa di pesce (clams,mussels,shrimp,scallops.calamari and lobster
over linguine with your choice of sauce) for two 60


fettuccine with prosciutto and peas (garlic cream ) 15
fettuccine with salmon (sundried tomato,escarole,
white wine gorgonzola) 16
squid ink papardelle with swordfish and tuna (putanesca ) 18
penne with chicken and shrimp (pesto cream ) 16
penne with chicken and broccoli (garlic cream ) 15
penne amatriciana (pancetta,onions,eggplant,fontina,plum tomato) 15
lemon fettuccine with grilled shrimp and scallops (asparagus ,
tomato,sage,white wine broth) 18
linguini puttanesca (olives,capers,anchovies,plum tomato) 15
gnocchi filled with roasted red peppers and goat cheese (chicken,
mushroom,spinach,mascarpone plum tomato) 18
lobster ravioli (with diced tomato,garlic cream) 18
butternut squash ravioli (diced asparagus,prosciutto,
squash,mascarpone cream) 16


eggplant parmigiana 15
fusilli siciliana (eggplant,onion,plum tomato,mozzarella) 15
pumpkin tortellini (fresh sage mascarpone cream) 15


grilled beef tenderloin (potato cake,broccoli raab,
red wine demi glace) 20
baked chicken breast (stuffed with prosciutto & fontina cheese
over wilted spinach and crispy potatoes,hazelnut Madeira wine sauce) 18
chicken or veal parmigiana (with side of pasta) 15,16
chicken or veal marsala (mushroom & prosciutto,marsala
wine with pasta) 15,16
chicken or veal piccata (artichoke hearts, lemon,capers) 15,16
grilled salmon (potato cake,grilled vegetables,
moroccan barbeque sauce) 20
grilled swordfish (potato cakegrilled vegetables,sesame,
roasted red pepper vinaigrette) 20
grilled tuna (potato cake,grilled vegetables,red wine truffle sauce) 20
pan roasted cod loin (potato cake,grilled vegetables,
puttanesca sauce) 20


  1. Restaurant has great Italian food. Just make sure to make a reservation.

  2. This is the best place to eat anywhere in Boston by a mile. I crave the butternut squash ravioli daily. Mmm!

  3. We had a great time in the Back Bay restaurant. Delicious fresh food. Small and comfy, even though a little noisy. It was like having a huge Italian family dinner. We had a reservation which is definitely the way to go and got seated immediately. Prices very reasonable. The waiter was wonderful.

  4. It's a great place to eat, I just wish they had more than 3 entrees for vegetarians.

  5. A group of 6 of us went on a Saturday night. We loved it! The service was great, the atmosphere was superb, and the food . . . excellent. We are planning on going back this weekend!!

  6. Beware, this place is CASH ONLY and reservations are a must because it's tiny.

    But their squid ink pasta is delicious!

  7. i crave this place, obsessed with the butternut ravioli! Be sure to make a reservation but still be prepared to wait a extra 20 mins on the weekends. On the plus side they let you go to the resturante next door for a cocktail and wait while they come and get you for dinner. AMAZING!

  8. This place serves great food, in a timely manner, piping hot. Service is excellent. Haven't been to the N. End one, but the S. End one is great. Bring your family & friends for a meal that is awesome EVERY time.

  9. Do they have anything that is gluten free?

  10. Yes...the tenderloin stake is gluten free if you skip on the potato cake that comes with it or have it on the side...we have been accommodating gluten allergic customers for a while ...salmon dish is gluten free too...swordfish too...broccoli...just let your server know of your allergies and you're going to like it ...

  11. Does the restaurant in the North End offer gluten free pasta?

    1. No gluten free pasta,sorry...

    2. Any meals that can be made Gluten Free?

    3. Yes...the tuna is gluten free...any fish or seafood dish,without pasta...but make sure you bring to your server's attention your allergies!

  12. Are there any vegan options?

  13. Is the restaurant still cash only? Are reservations needed for the South End location?

  14. Yes,still cash or checks ...I would recommed calling for a table or checking with the host if you need a reservation

  15. Is there a set menu for Valentine's day?

  16. I went to this restaurant a couple weeks ago and am still craving their butternut squash ravioli. So. Delicious.

  17. Can you bring/purchase a birthday cake?

    1. We don't have birthday cakes, but usually the waiters use one of our in house desserts with a candle for a birthday presentation ...regarding bringing your own cake...there will be a $4 charge per plate...

  18. Had a great Sauvignon Blanc there, but don't remember the name. Can you list the ones you have, I will know it if I see it. Thanks.

    1. The Sauvignon Blanc that we serve in the Back Bay location is the Oyster Bay from New Zealand.

  19. Went here last night with a total of four people. We had an 8:00 pm reservation and were seated at 9:00 pm. During this hour the host allowed a pushy guest also with a party of four and an 8:30 reservation to sit before us and other guests with reservations. The pushy guest also began yelling and threatening myself and my girlfriend. He also stood aggressively close to us and I was certain he was about to hit me. until other men in the restaurant had to intervene to protect us.The host also stood by and let this occur.
    When we were finally sat the server was also extremely rude and when asked to repeat one of the specials we weren't able to hear. He replied "really you want me to say what I just said again, you must be kidding" The food was just okay and has definitely gone down in quality. After going here for years it is disappointing to see what it has turned into.. an average Italian restaurant where the staff clearly doesn't care about service or the safety of their guests. I will not be returning and will also tell my fiends, family, coworkers and clients to not go or return.

  20. ^ I can understand how the person above feels. I went there twice. The first time, I waited 15 minutes for a host and ended up leaving; if it took that long to wait for the host, how long would the wait be? The second time I went, my friend and I had dinner there. The staff was rude... The food is great, but I just wish they had service that paralleled the quality of their food... sad..

  21. Giacomo's South End needs to train better the person who answer the calls! With the hurry to do other things, the lady wasn't polite and friendly. In my order I was just trying to change the regular linguini to a fettuccine!
    Giacomo's just lost a client tonight!!

  22. Really a PITA that you can't make reservations on Open Table. Or when the restaurant isn't open... can't even leave a message and have someone call you back. I don't even like the food and the service is terrible, but others in my party have their heart set on it.

  23. Food great! Service HORRIBLE! In a place that is so small you would think the wait staff would be more attentive to move things along. Would have loved to get desert but after 45 minutes of waiting for the desert menu we decided to free up the table for other patrons. Could not even get the check after requesting several times. Ended up calculating the bill manually and leaving on the table...The only person in the entire South End restaraunt working thier tail off to keep things moving and patron happy was the Hostess! Great job to her - the rest a pity.

  24. Do they still have the braised beef ravioli in spicy plum sauce? Didn't see it on the menu.

    1. No....sorry...that might have been one of the specials or a dish in the menu before I started working there...

  25. What are the current gluten free options? Is there gf pasta and if so is it cooked in separate water than the regular pasta?

    1. Hi! gluten free pasta yet... there's other options as the fish or tenderloin or mussels...

  26. Is there a winelist online? I just realized that kind of rhymes.

    1. Not right now... sorry... maybe in the future

  27. is the menu posted the current menu with current prices? I noticed that the url address states that the menu is from 2007 (!) but that an updated menu will be displayed soon.