The artwork in the restaurant...

     I can't remember how many times I've been asked about the paintings that are hanging on the walls in the Back Bay restaurant...well...i hope this is going to help...
This is J.F.K-jr painting !!!
The style of the artist, Giovanni De'Cunto ,is tricking peoples mind into seeing in that picture something
Carry Grant,Silvester Stallone??,and other names that any one's mind can match a name for what they think it's in the painting...
The rest of the artwork that can be seen on the walls of Giacomo's Back Bay restaurant can be viewed here ,all of it ,the result of Giovanni's work...


  1. Mmm. Just love Giacomo's! Thanks Julie for the awesome service Saturday night!

  2. Not worth the wait. Wasn't that impressed with the food. They rush you in to get you out to serve the next in line. Extremely small with seating for no more than 40. Tight overcrowded.

    Server offered me choice of seats then reneged. Server mocked me when I ordered.

    If you are looking for a quiet relaxing meal this is not the place for you!

  3. Ate at the Columbus Ave. location last night. Good food, but this place is incredibly LOUD. You have to shout to be heard. I prefer a quieter environment.

  4. Awesome picture! Now, I'd like to see how it looks exactly in the interior of your restaurant: )
    - Seth @ Merehead