Menu for Giacomo's Melrose Restaurant


mixed olives / evoo  3
rotating cheese selection with fennel relish crostini  7
beef & pork meatballs with marinara sauce  3/ea


garlic bread 4
fried calamari served with marianara sauce  sm 89/ lg 12
prince Edward Island mussels  11
       - choice of pesto ,fradiavolo,red,giacomo,scampi  
homemade Maine crab cakes with roasted corn tartar sauce 11
sauteed broccoli rabi with spicy garlic,oil,white wine 8
broccoli - sauteed in garlic,oil ,white wine  8
mozzarella marinara - breaded fried mozzarella  6 
buratta   11
     - cream filled fresh mozzarella over tomato salad with honey-basil
antipasto  12
      - cured italian meats,cheeses rotating assortment of accompaniments
bruschetta  9 
       -garlic toast topped with tomato,red onion,crumbled goat cheese , balsamic drizzle  


house salad - mesclun salad greens ,balsamic vinaigrette  5
caesar salad - traditional,garlic croutons   sm 6/ lg 10
arugula salad  9
      - candied pecans,pickled red onion,grape tomatoes,shaved parmesan , lemon vinaigrette
caprese  9
      - tomato ,fresh mozzarella,EVOO - balsamic drizzle
italian chop salad [ for two ]  12
     - imported italian meats,cheeses,pepperoncini ,roasted red peppers,artichoke hearts,crispy pancetta ,tomato,chopped romaine ,balsamic vinaigrette 


chicken parmigiana - with a side of linguine  15
veal parmigiana - with a side of linguine  16
chicken marsala - with a side of linguine  15
veal marsala - with a side of linguine  16
chicken piccata -  with a side of linguine 14
veal piccata - with a side of linguine 16
baked stuffed chicken breast  19
       - stuffed with prosciutto and fontina,served over sauteed spinach
         and crispy potatoes, madeira wine sauce with hazelnuts 
grilled beef tenderloin - broccoli rabi ,potato cake red wine demi-glace  22
grilled tuna- grilled vegetables ,potato cake,red wine-truffle sauce 21
grilled salmon - grilled vegetables potato cake,Mediterranean BBQ  21
grilled swordfish  21
       - grilled vegetables,potato cake,sesame-roasted red pepper ,vinaigrette
pan roasted cod - grilled vegetables ,potato cake,puttanesca sauce  21


eggplant parmigiana - with a side of linguine  16
fusilli siciliana -eggplant,onions,mozzarella,plum tomato  16
pumpkin tortellini - fresh mascarpone-cream sauce  16

House Seafood Specialities

served over linguine with your choice of sauce : pesto,red,fradiavolo,scampi or Giacomo ( lobster based red with a touch of bechamel )

mussels or calamari  16
mussels and calamari  16
clams  16
mussels and clams 17
scallops 16
shrimp  16
shrimp and scallop  18
frutti di mare - clams,mussels,shrimp,scallop,calamari  20
1/2 lobster,mussels,clams  21

House Special

zuppa di pesce [ for two ]  60
       - whole lobster ,clams,mussels,shrimp,scallop,calamari over linguine
          with your choice of sauce ( red,fradiavolo,giacomo,pesto,scampi )  
       - additional plates  +10/each


fettuccine with prosciutto and peas - garlic cream sauce  16
fettuccine with salmon  17
       - sundried tomatoes,escarole white wine-gorgonzola sauce 
squid ink pappardelle with swordfish and tuna - puttanesca sauce  19
penne with chicken and broccoli - garlic cream sauce  16
penne with chicken and shrimp - pesto cream sauce  17
penne amatriciana - pancetta,onion,eggplant,fontina cheese,plum tomato  16
lemon fettuccine with schrimp and scallop  19
      - asparagus,tomato-sage white wine broth 
gnocchi filled with roasted red pepper and goat cheese   19
      - chicken , mushrooms,spinach,mascarpone cheese,plum tomato 
linguine puttanesca - olives,capers,anchovies,plum tomato 16
potato gnocchi bolognese - classic beef and pork ragu  16
baked ziti with meatballs - plum tomato-ricotta cheese sauce  16
lobster ravioli - diced tomato,garlic cream sauce  19
butternut squash ravioli  17
      - asparagus,prosciutto-squash puree,mascarpone cream sauce

Kids Menu

for kids 12 & under

mini chicken cutlets - ketchup  7
cheese ravioli - marinara sauce  7
penne alfredo  7
penne/meatball - marinara sauce  7

After Dinner 


tiramisu - coffee infused ladyfingers layered with mascarpone  6.50
molten chocolate cake - chocolate cake with a warm dark chocolate truffle center,fresh berries,
vanilla ice cream  7.50
blueberry white chocolate cheese brûlée - made with wild Maine blueberries, served with a fresh
raspberry coulis  7.00
pecan bourbon pie - traditional southern style pecan pie, served with maple walnut ice cream. 7.50
deep fried banana caramel cheesecake - with vanilla ice cream  7.50
bowl of ice cream  3


coffee  2.50
cappuccino  3.50
espresso  2.50
double espresso  3.50


espresso martini - classic  10
pistachio martini - Bailey's, Amaretto,Blue Curacao 10
nutella martini - vanilla vodka,frangelico, Godiva chocolate,nutella-ferraro roche rim 10


sambuca  7
black sambuca  7
limoncello  7
frangelico  7
amaretto  7
baily's Irish cream  7
drambui  7
averna  7
grappa  7


warres warrior ruby port  7
warres kings tawny port  7


  1. When is Giacomo's in Melrose opening? We're all eager to dine there. (o:

    1. Last time I heard was scheduled for mid May ...that could mean last quarter of the month too as little touches in the finish process take place...

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Do you have any gluten free pasta options?

    1. No, gluten free on pasta side...

  4. Does Melrose do take out?

  5. Gift Card option??

    1. Yes,you can call the restaurant for a gift card and we will mail it to you or walk in and get one from any of the servers... no option for purchase online for now,maybe in the future...

  6. Do you have any plans to offer Gluten Free options/pasta in the future?

    1. There are some gluten free options in the menu right now ,but no pasta yet... mussels in a white sauce without flour,the red or fradiavolo sauce are safe...salads are safe... marsala without flour...the tenderloin is safe...the grilled fish is safe... without potato can usually ask your server for a gluten free dish and I am positive they can work something out for you... pasta wise...I will ask the owners and chef to see what the future can offer...

  7. Replies
    1. If that means pizza,then no... sorry no pizza...the menu is posted right on the blog ,we don't hide items from our customers

  8. Planning for a group of 6 on a Thursday you take reservations or call ahead?

    1. Call ahead and check with the host.... there's no reservations right now,sorry. .

  9. Great restaurant. Have enjoyed the one in the south end in the past. Just wish there were more vegetarian options

  10. do you take reservations on Saturday night? for 7 people

  11. Just want to also put in a request for gluten free pasta, please. Would be so great to have that choice available

  12. I agree, gluten free pasta is pretty easy to find and cook - please add to menu. We like Tru Roots best but even Barilla has a gluten free pasta.

  13. The management listened to your requests and we now offer gluten free pasta now...but there's only one option for now..penne...I will add that to the menu online as soon as possible...

  14. Do you do any party platters or have a function room available for a birthday party?

    1. No, function room or party platters as far as I know...the whole restaurant seats 80 people... regarding party platters you can double check with the manager , her name is Michelle at 781 620 1191..

  15. So much for takeout! Delete that option off of the Melrose page. Have tried for one month to order, and they just don't answer the phone -- Classic! LaVita Mia here I come -- again :)

  16. They STILL never answer the phone in Melrose, I have been trying since 8/1/16. So much for takeout!! So frustrating. LaVita Mia, here we come again :-)

  17. Food very good, but service was awful and the noise level even worse. Not the place to go and enjoy dinner and conversation.

  18. Dose the gift card expire ?? I won one from the "Y"

    1. No, they don' can use it at any location also

  19. Can one split plates? If so, is there a charge?

    1. Yes you can split dishes and there's no charge ....

  20. Is the Melrose location a BYOB restaurantr?

  21. Under Massachusetts law, restaurants in the possession of either an All-Alcoholic Beverages License or a Malt and Wine License are prohibited from allowing patrons to bring their own alcohol on to the premises, a practice widely known as “BYOB.” no.... sorry...

  22. Now that you do "TO go orders,Can you get onely a dessert to go ?

    1. Yes, sir! I will be the one putting the deserts together on Tuesdays...if you will be ordering one Tuesday...

  23. Will the Melrose location be open Monday, December 26, 2016? If yes, will the hours be as regular hours?

    1. Yes , we will only be closed on 24th and 25th for Christmas... regular hours

  24. Will the Melrose location be open Monday, December 26, 2016? If yes, will the hours be regular hours 4-10pm?

  25. Will you's be open on "Christmas" Day 12/25 ?

    1. No.... sorry...closed 12/24 and 12/25

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  26. I heard that you are going to open for lunch in the future. Is this true ?

    1. Yes...I heard the same chatter too but nothing confirmed yet... So a 50% chance...

  27. Replies
    1. Yes,we offer gluten free pasta and there's a few items in the menu that are gluten free...

  28. Do they have a gluten free menu? Gluten free pasta?

  29. Question? I have a Gift card,can it be used for liquor W my meal ?

  30. Everyone mush try out their salads. Yummy! I wish I ordered a cup of teas too, especially green!
    -Seth at Merehead

  31. I would like to buy a gift card but no one answers phone and vmail has been full for 2 days.

    1. I am sorry to hear that.Please give it another try today. I will let the hostess know about it.

    2. Try and call after 4 pm as there is no one to answer before that time.

  32. My sister in law lives in Melrose. I live in New Jersey but I would like to buy her a gift certificate to your restaurant. Can I purchase it and have her pick it up when she goes to dine?

    1. I would call in and ask the manager . I don't know if they would want to hold on to it for too long.

  33. What is the restaurant's capacity and do you host parties?

  34. Do you host parties and, if so, what is the capacity?

  35. Is takeout an option ? It seems any time I have called it just rings and nobody picks up the phone

  36. Is the restaurant and bathrooms handicap accessible?... I have power wheelchair and need ADA isle and door width of 36" minimum

  37. Do you have gluten free chicken parm or eggplant parm?

  38. What are your Gluten Sensitive options?